ANG provides process technology and project-management solutions for chemical and petrochemical projects around the world, with a proven record of managing fast track, cost-driven projects on multi-billion-dollar programs.

Areas of speciality include:

  • Fine Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Complex Organic Intermediates

  • ANG performs conceptual design, engineering, procurement and construction services on fine, specialty chemicals and intermediates projects for clients in a variety of industries

  • Ethylene and Derivatives

  • ANG provides a full range of comprehensive engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance services for clients' ethylene and derivatives projects.

ANG Consultants Inc. specializes in the following natural gas processing and treating techniques:

  • Amine Plants

  • Acid Gas Injection

  • Sweetening Plants

  • Conventional and Low-Temperature Refrigeration.

  • LPG Recovery

  • Dehydration

  • Turbo-Expander Processes

  • Demethanizers, Deethanizers, Depropanizers, Debutanizers

  • Refrigerated JT Plants

  • Hydrate Prediction & Control

  • Nitrogen Rejection

ANG Consultants Inc. capacities include:

  • Artificial-lift systems

  • Enhanced oil recovery systems, especially CO2 (raw-gas production, handling, treating, dehydration, compression, injection, metering, etc.)

  • Gas compression and injection systems

  • Gathering systems (flowlines, testlines, manifolds, metering, etc.)

  • Production systems for conventional fluids such as oil, gas and petroleum products as well as unusual fluids such as acrylic acid, and nitrogen

  • Separation systems (gas-oil-water separation; gas and oil dehydration, desanding, desalting, and sweetening facilities; test facilities; produced-water handling and treating facilities; etc.)

  • Storage systems and metering

  • Water injection systems (treating, pumping, metering, and distribution facilities)

  • Oil & Gas Production

Our team member's have supported various LNG clients for over 25 years prior to working with ANG. We leverage our team's experience and we understand the competitive and fast-paced nature of the industry, the ever-changing regulations governing the industry, the public scrutiny focused on the industry, and the inherent need for clients to ensure that their pipeline and facility assets are working safely, effectively, efficiently, and profitably. We bring this experience to bear on every project we execute.

ANG’s Team Member's Experience Portfolio Includes a Comprehensive Base of LNG Facilities:

  • Combined Heat and Power Systems

  • Flare analysis and design

  • Gas treating and contaminants removal

  • Liquefaction and regasification processes

  • LNG peak shaving plants

  • LNG boil-off and vapor recovery systems

  • LNG loading / unloading terminals

  • LNG safety and risk analysis

  • LNG storage and Jetty Designs

  • LNG truck loading

  • Utilities and Off-sites (U&O)

ANG’s work in LNG has included feasibility studies, technology evaluations, technical audits, process equipment optimization and selection, basic design, project specifications development, permitting support, front-end engineering and design (FEED), detailed engineering, procurement, construction, start-up assistance and maintenance support.

ANG has a dedicated facilities group, experienced with conventional oil, shale oil, condensate. We are additionally experienced in projects involving the production, fractionation, storage, and transportation of LPG, propane, and butane (normal butane and isobutene).

ANG’s Capacities Include:

  • Well-sites

  • Pipelines

  • Batteries

  • Blending Facilities

  • Meter Stations

  • Oil Treating

  • Condensate Stabilization

  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) recovery and fractionation

  • Enchanced Oil Recovery

ANG Consultants Inc. specializes in designing, engineering and constructing or expanding pipeline systems, pump stations, terminals, underground storage and field gathering systems, and production facilities for clients.

ANG’s Pipeline Systems Include:

  • Gas, Crude & Products (Gathering & Transmission)

  • Conversion Services (Gas-to-Liquid, Liquid-to-Gas)

  • Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Petrochemicals

The small projects group, consisting of experienced engineers and drafters/designers, carries out projects with minimalist teams and backed by leveraging ANG's team member's extensive knowledge base of thousands of small projects completed throughout Canada.

ANG’s Small Projects Include:

  • MOC’s (Management of Change)

  • Sustainable Development Projects

  • Multi-well Pads

  • Gathering Systems

  • LACT Units

  • Meter Stations

  • Oil Batteries

  • Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

  • Tanks Farms

  • Separator Vessels and Packages

  • Compressor Stations

  • Pump Stations

  • NGL Facilities

  • Blending Facilities

  • Pump Stations

  • Riser Sites

  • Pigging Facilities

  • Slug Control and Capture Systems

  • Process Equipment

  • Pressure Protection (ESD, PSV)